About me
Hi! I am Megha. I was born and raised in India and live in the Washington, DC, area. With about ten years of photography experience, I fell in love with the uniqueness of travel photography. 

I believe photography is timeless, and a picture says a thousand words. A photo captures a particular moment in time - a moment that creates a special memory that allows you to look back and relive moments. That is why it is so important to have beautifully captured photographs to look back on for years to come. I take a relaxed and candid documentary-style approach to my photography, trying to get the most interesting shots that will show the unique character of each place or individual.

All that said, travel and photography is my passion and hobby. I work at an IT and Management Consulting firm as a Senior Executive and spend most of my days either behind a computer, traveling for work, or meeting with people. To get away from the frantic pace of work, photography, traveling, and learning about new cultures is my refuge. Combine all of them, and that is where I am most at peace.

Come on in, and I hope you stay for a long time! When exploring my images, you'll see just a few of my favorite photos and places. Please check back often since I add pictures every week.